The Unicorn Institute is now Center Centre

The Unicorn Institute was a research project exploring the gaps between UX education and the UX industry. We evolved this research into a bricks-and-mortar user experience design school, Center Centre.


A few years ago, our co-founders, Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool, realized there was a huge demand for UX talent, and not enough qualified UX designers to fill the demand. Universities and colleges weren’t producing industry-ready graduates. Hiring managers were clamoring for more UX designers.

Leslie and Jared researched the gap between UX education and the UX industry. They interviewed dozens of UX hiring managers. Hiring managers said they needed well-rounded UX designers. These designers needed to do many things like write content, code HTML prototypes, and conduct usability tests. Because well-rounded designers were hard to find, they became known as “unicorns.”

A picture of our facility, Center Centre.

A picture of our facility, Center Centre.

Using their research findings, Leslie and Jared expanded the Unicorn Institute into a school, Center Centre. Located in downtown Chattanooga, TN, Center Centre a bricks-and-mortar school offering a two-year, full-time program in user experience design—the first and only of its kind.

See the program and courses we developed at Center Centre. You may also apply to be a Center Centre student.